Dorm mixed 4 beds, breakfast includes,,


Dorm mixed 5 beds

Price per person for night      $ 8000   clp   (US$ 12),,

Economic and much easier way to get to know fellow travellers, you will enjoy of many more social advantages by sharing.

Bunk beds, lockers, shared bathroom and capacity for 5 people.

* + VAT for residents in Chili,  We provide an export receipt to foreign guests,  that have a tourist visa this will allow you to deduct the 19% tax (IVA).

* Prices are in cash andCredit card

* Reference price (02/11/2018)1US$= CLP$670

* Children are allowed from 12 year old

* All our rooms are with shared bathroom

*  Our prices are valid from Nov. 15th, 2018to Dic. 15th, 2019.